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Our Ireland Honeymoon
Category: Who’s Behind the Camera
28 Sep

Our Ireland Honeymoon

Our Ireland honeymoon was amazing. We spent five solid days exploring Dublin and made one excursion out into the countryside. We both knew that we would love Ireland, that was already expected. Both of us have Irish roots and this country has always been on both of our wish lists to travel to. However, we..

07 Dec

Recommended Books From 2015

I have always loved to read. My childhood summers were spent at the library browsing the aisles and picking out a stack to take home. Not much has changed now, except of course I no longer frequent the library. But I believe books and the act of reading — reading anything, is one of the most..

01 Oct

30 Things You May Not Know About Me

Life is all about connections and building relationships so I wanted to let you guys in on some things you may not know about me! I want you to know who that person is behind the camera because let’s face it; I’m involved in some of the biggest and most important moments of your life..

20 Jun

Practice Part II – Monterey Waves

This past week, I was in San Luis Obispo for my brother’s graduation from Cal Poly and then we took a family trip to Monterey and stayed in a gorgeous house right across the street from the beach. It was a great week and while my fiance and I were in Monterey, we decided it..

01 Apr

Nature Session: Practice Part I

You only get better the more you shoot. When LD Photography doesn’t have a session, we like to go out and practice with what’s naturally around us. The other day, Jerry and I walked to a small little nature area across the street from where we live. It was late in the afternoon and the sun..

05 Feb

Our Engagement | Lauren + Jerry | Auburn, California

It’s not everyday that I get to be on the other side of my job. Normally, my blog is about other people getting engaged and married. Well, this time it’s my turn! On October 24, 2014, the love of my life proposed to me. We couldn’t be happier and I am so excited to spend the rest..

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