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Custom Holiday Card Design
Category: Products & Albums
07 Oct

Custom Holiday Card Design

Okay, so you’ve decided to send out holiday cards this year! Yay! If you’re like me, getting the photos taken is the hardest part. I know, I know, I’m a photographer…but getting photos done of my OWN family is such a challenge! But once you have the photos taken care of, all you have to..

11 Aug

Why Products Are So Important

In this digital age, many people think that printed products are a thing of the past. Why print something when you can just view it online? Why should you order products from your photographer versus printing them yourself or going through a cheap print shop? Here are some reasons why products are so important and why..

25 Apr

“Adventure” | Special Edition Edit

“Adventure”   Ever so often I glimpse a photo that reminds me of something else. It can be a fairy tale, a fictional story character, or I just simply see something about the photo that I could make into something else. When this happens, I usually do a Special Edition edit. This one’s inspiration came from..

15 Mar
why products are important

Wedding Photo Albums

Can I just say that I am absolutely obsessed with our wedding photo albums?? They are so gorgeous! I almost don’t want to even give them to my clients but instead hoard them for myself…well, ALMOST! They of course are just too beautiful NOT to share! They come with in a size 10×10 which is..

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