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My Favorite Things
Category: Behind the Scenes
26 Feb

My Favorite Things

Hi you guys! This blog post is a list of all of my favorite things I’ve found and purchased off Amazon. Home goods, beauty, clothes and everything in between. If you want to check out the product on Amazon, click the image.           We are a participant in the Amazon Services..

02 Feb

My Superpower: Seeing Your Beauty

People have all sorts of talents. Mine just so happens to be seeing the beauty in the people around me. I’ve always had an eye for photography. Ever since I was little, I would “see” in photographs. This just means that when I look around the world, I see everything in terms of how it..

02 Feb

Reasons Why Photography Matters

  There are many reasons why photography matters. What I love is that for everyone the reasons are different. Here are mine! Every year since I was two I would take an annual camping trip with my grandparents. This is where my love for photography began because I would take my little film camera, along..

27 Dec

With This Ring…

Okay, I’m obsessed with ring shots. Like, I could pretty much spend hours just photographing my couples’ rings! Weird? Maybe! But I love finding odd/different/cool/unique ways to display them. Each one is so different and unique and I absolutely love the challenge of getting it just right. Also, I will talk about jewelry to anyone..

06 Oct

What No One Knows About Wedding Photography

Every time I shoot a wedding, I’m always reminded of the millions of little things that people might not know about wedding photography. Like the fact that you have to know how to but on boutonnieres (so I did learn something in high school!) or the fact that editing the photos takes ten times as..

25 Apr

“Adventure” | Special Edition Edit

“Adventure”   Ever so often I glimpse a photo that reminds me of something else. It can be a fairy tale, a fictional story character, or I just simply see something about the photo that I could make into something else. When this happens, I usually do a Special Edition edit. This one’s inspiration came from..

29 Mar

The New Instagram Algorithm

Hey all you lovely followers and readers of my blog! Have I mentioned how much I appreciate you lately? Well I do, I really do. And because I love all of you so much, I’m going to tell you a little secret about the new Instagram algorithm everyone is freaking out about. Ready? I don’t..

30 Dec

This Past Year At A Glance: 2015

I love looking back over the year and seeing all the wonderful faces that I have come into contact with. There were so many beautiful weddings, touching engagements and fun family sessions that all together made this the best year yet. LD Photography continues to grow in leaps and bounds and I am so fortunate..

07 Dec

Recommended Books From 2015

I have always loved to read. My childhood summers were spent at the library browsing the aisles and picking out a stack to take home. Not much has changed now, except of course I no longer frequent the library. But I believe books and the act of reading — reading anything, is one of the most..

01 Oct

30 Things You May Not Know About Me

Life is all about connections and building relationships so I wanted to let you guys in on some things you may not know about me! I want you to know who that person is behind the camera because let’s face it; I’m involved in some of the biggest and most important moments of your life..

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