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Associate Photographers

After several years of turning away weddings because I was already booked or out of budget, we decided it was time to add an associate program to LDP! Our associates are available to book for lifestyle sessions & weddings.

At first I was nervous to expand my brand, but I absolutely hate to turn away clients and after several years of having to do so, I knew it was time! I am very picky about who joins my team as a photographer – my clients are so important to me and they book LDP because they value amazing wedding photos and having a connection that goes beyond their wedding day. Many of my clients end up becoming good friends. So my associates need to appreciate and be dedicated to that as well.

I provide training and resources to ensure they match the LDP brand and I want them to feel like they are a part of the LDP family! They have the same goals, similar styles and the same dedication to your photographs that I have brought along from the very beginning.

You are not “settling” when you hire my team. They are an extension of me and of this company. All LD Brides are treated to the same amazing experience, whether they are mine or my associates.


Hello! I’m Noelle. I’m a professional photographer who has made her home in Auburn, California with my husband and baby girl. I enjoy writing, hiking travelings, cooking and all things creative. Anything from a photo session with friends or preparing a romantic dinner for two.

I’m a mother to my sweet girl and an avid coffee drinker. The two go hand-in-hand as a new mom.¬†Overall though I love capturing the special moments that could go by unnoticed, but instead are saved forever in the still of a photo.